April 26
, 2013 at UW Gould Hall 322
  Fred Bassetti, David Brewster, Dayna Dealy, Rich Haag, Paul Schell, Peter Steinbrueck
The University of Washington Department of Architecture and Chair David Miller welcomed students, faculty, staff, and guests at a gathering of those engaged in and inspired by Seattle Design in Action, commencing with Action: Better City in 1967-68 and continuing since and onward.  The session commenced with a brief showing of documentary recordings, followed by a panel discussion among participants and observers, and Q&A.
Pictured above: Marga Rose Hancock, Dayna Dealy, David Brewster, Peter Steinbrueck, Paul Schell, Fred Bassetti, Gwen Bassetti, Rich Haag 4/26/13 UW Gould 322
Below: Fred Bassetti, Paul Schell, Peter Steinbrueck
6/10/13: Panelist David Brewster reflects on the April 26 conversation and Seattle's history of design/planning:
Why does Seattle fear urban planning? Good architectural ideas get hatched, then ditched"

January 8, 2014 at UW Architecture 147
Rebecca BarnesKaren DeLucas, Grace Kim, Catherine Barrett, Janice Woodcock, and Beth Mountsier offered observations on their involvement in design activism, in a session with WilDLife/Women Design Leaders supported by UW College of Built Environments.