action: better city II

action: better city II (1998-2004)
Beginning in 1998, a group of activists encouraged by Fred Bassetti and the 1968 Action: Better City endeavor undertook a series of urban studies "dedicated to fostering and exploring the ideas that link Seattle and its surrounding environment, the connections of its downtown neighborhoods, and the potential for unique public spaces." 
Participants included Kai-Uwe Bergman, Nick Cullen, Nora Daley-Peng, Dayna Dealy, Karen DeLucas, Roger Gula, Brian Kenny, Grace Kim, Mark Mappala, Mike Mariano, Tien Peng, and Brian Steinburg, among others.

The ABC "all-volunteer architecture and planning film studio" produced films intended "to increase awareness of the social impacts of sprawl and to promote the value of livable communities and vibrant town centers:"  
*in 1998 "REaction:better city, a retrospective of the original 1968 a:bc group,"
*in 1999 "
Connections, a journey through the connections of downtown Seattle,"
*in 2000 "Olympic Sculpture Park, a cinematic analysis of the context of Seattle's future waterfront sculpture park,"
*in 2001 "Where is Your Town Center?, traveling research project that documents the status of main streets and town centers in small towns in western Washington as well as the thoughts of the people who live there," and
*in 2002 "Viaduct What Viaduct?" and "
A Waterfront for All."
Action: Better City publications in ARCADE:
*"Where is your town center?" (Summer 2002)
Croozin' with A:BC" by Roger Gula and Dayna Dealy (Winter 2003)
*"Gentryville Missouri" (Autumn 2004, copy attached below)

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