- enter youtube activation code | Activate Youtube - enter your 6 digit YouTube activation code at to activate YouTube. Youtube offers a way to activate your account on all devices. It's called Youtube and activates by following the URL "". Follow the on-screen instructions to activate youtube account to remove restrictions on all your devices.

Where is my 6 digit youtube verification code?

    1. When you are activating your "LetsGetChecked" test kit you will be asked to validate your cell/mobile phone number.

    2. Select your phone operator country code and enter your number. Once entered please click on 'Send verification code'.

        • If you do not have a cell/mobile phone please contact our customer service team and support help with this step.

    3. After you press "Send verification code" you will receive text message with the 6 digit code.

        • If you do not receive the message you can click "resend".

    4. Once you receive your 6 digit code text message please enter the code provided into the "6 digit verification code" field and click the green button that says 'Submit code'.

How to activate youtube from

    1. Open the youtube application on your device

    2. Sign in to youtube account

    3. A window will appear displaying YouTube activation code

        • Note down the code carefully somewhere

    4. Visit

    5. Enter youtube activation code

    6. Click accept or agree on terms and conditions

    7. You’ll see the confirmation screen in the app.

Support for Youtube activation:

Youtube activation process is very easy. You just need to have a valid youtube code to enter at But sometimes, you may face some issues during activation process like: unable to get activation code, activation code is not valid, other errors. At that time, you can contact to youtube support team. Youtube support team is 24*7 available to help you and resolve all your issues.