The Laws (optional resources)

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The resources on this page are designed for those interested in the full versions of the laws and guidelines that affect the accessibility of course materials.

US Laws and the Department of Education

Overview of US Laws from the Department of Education

One Application of the Laws to Colleges & Universities

Department of Justice 2010 Letter to College/University Presidents and Follow-up Q&A

Overview of Recent Court Cases Involving Higher Education

Why Your Course Materials Might Violate the ADA

Louisiana Tech University - Inaccessible Course Materials Summary | Louisiana Tech Full Text

University of California at Berkeley - Inaccessible Print Materials

South Carolina Technical College System - Websites Not Accessible

Specific Accessibility Standards and Guidelines for Web-based Content

Section 508 Standards

Section 508 Checklist from WebAIM

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

WCAG Checklist from WebAIM

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