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The Education Access Center (EAC) and the Resource Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are your resources.

Faculty Roles:

Everyone at the college has a shared responsibility to provide access to all students.  As faculty, you can refer students to the appropriate disability resource office, include a statement in your syllabus with contact information, keep disability related information confidential, and hold all students to the same academic and conduct standards.

Faculty Notification Letters:

Faculty Notification Letters include the approved accommodations a student will receive for a class.  Students registered with the EAC, and enrolled in on-campus classes, will receive their faculty notification letter so they may hand deliver the letter to their instructor.  The letter will be in a sealed envelope. If the letter is opened or appears to be tampered with for any reason, we ask that you contact the EAC at 918-595-7115.  For EAC students enrolled in online classes, the faculty notification letter will be emailed to the instructor with a copy emailed to the student.

For students registered with the RCDHH, all faculty notification letters are emailed to the faculty with a copy emailed to the student.

Faculty Resources:

College approved Disability Resources statement for all course syllabi:

DISABILITY RESOURCES:  It is the policy and practice of Tulsa Community College to create inclusive learning environments. Accommodations for qualifying students in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act are available. To request accommodations, contact the Education Access Center (EAC) at or call 918-595-7115 (Voice).  Deaf and hard of hearing students may text 918-809-1864.

For more resources on working with students with disabilities and instructional strategies to support all students, check out the following links.
If you have any concerns or questions, or need assistance with providing accommodations for a student, please contact our offices.   For assistance you may contact the Education Access Center at 918-595-7115 (Voice) or by email at  Any questions regarding students with hearing loss, you may contact the Resource Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at 918-595-7428 (Voice), 918-809-1864 (Text Only) or by email at 

For concerns or questions regarding American with Disability Act (ADA) compliance issues, contact Kaye Ellis, RCDHH Manager and ADA Compliance Officer at 918-595-7428 (Voice), 918-809-1864 (Text) or by email at 

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