Effective argument for persuasive essays

It is actually the reader for whom a writer writes, and that cannot be denied under any circumstances. As soon as the words are uttered, written or typed, they do not stay our property but the reader’s. Hence, writing to convince and making them act on his/her beliefs is what the writer aims at. A persuasive writing also does the same, but as opposed to speaking, it differs in the way you present the argument. First of all, a detailed and thought out point of view is presented with sufficient evidence to support the argument. Next, it is also required to refer to other well-established arguments to maintain a balance in your writing. What follows next is somewhat tough, where you have to carefully and tactfully counter oppose the other views different from yours.

A persuasive essay does not aim essentially at winning the argument and proving the other viewpoints to be wrong, but to present a logical and sound proof, which would support the writer’s argument as well as would counter the other available alternating arguments. All you have to do is to provide the evidences which are logical and convincing to the reader. Other than that, if one is writing in an exam, it is not necessary that your proofs have to be factual, but you can always make them up as so-called ‘expert opinions’ in order to prove your point. But, no matter what the point is, ensure that it is rational and sensible to be accepted. For more information about Help With Coursework www.absoluteessays.com/need-help-with-coursework-assignment/ Always make sure to respect the opinions other than those, no matter how foolish or insensible they may seem to you. It is extremely important to give and show respect to the other side if you expect your views to be revered. The art of rhetoric as the Greeks called the art of persuasion was frequently used by the world’s famous rhetoricians named Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and many others in their teachings. The Greek word ‘Logos’ means reason, which gives us the term ‘Logic.’ Reason was popularly used in those times for winning an argument. Along with that it was also suggested to appeal to two human weaknesses in order to have a sound argument, which uses character and human emotions as the tools. If the same is applied nowadays, anyone can be successful in presenting a rational argument to convince the readers. For Quality assignment help http://www.brilliantassignments.com/