AAH Math Team was started in 1998 to provide an opportunity for mathematically talented homeschoolers to enter competitions. Over time, the group has expanded to become more of a math enrichment coop, with optional opportunities for competing. We currently have 60+ kids aged 6 through high school attending weekly meetings, They are spread over two time periods, 6 classes, and 6 volunteer group leaders. We can accommodate a wide range of math abilities at our meetings, from grade level, to math prodigies doing college level work in middle school. Some kids are extremely competitive, and they receive appropriate support. Others are only interested in the social and recreational aspect of the activity, and they receive appropriate support. We get together every Tuesday during the school year to work collaboratively on mathematical problem solving. This involves fun, creative math problems that would be uncommon in a traditional Curricululum.  Kids who like puzzles and strategy games generally like this approach to math. This is not a traditional class, and will not replace following a math curriculum at home or elsewhere. 

Through our sister organization Austin Math Circle, we also offer community outreach to kids attending traditional schools, particularly those competing at a high level (AIME, USAMO).

We are a part of the nonprofit Community Alliance Dedicated to Reimagining Education (CADRE).  Donations to the Math Team are tax deductible as allowed by law.

If you are interested in announcements geared towards potential newcomers, including visiting opportunities, sign up for announcements PROSPECTIVE NEWCOMERS. We will manually add you to an email list.  

For spring 2018
- since we are not moving through a fixed curriculum, newcomers can join midyear if we have space. Currently we have a limited number of slots for elem and middle school age. High school groups are full, but exceptions may be made for particularly strong math kids. Contact me if you may be interested. 

Team Members
Once you join, the next step is to sign up for the newsletter TEAM MEMBERS NEWSLETTER You will receive an email from VerticalResponse with a link you will need to click on to confirm. If you do not see it, check your spam folder.  


The math we do is different from the problems typical encountered in a standard curriculum. To see a few sample problems, with solutions, Click here.  Here is an article with a  more detailed discussion of the difference. 

Kids age 9 and above will take a placement test so we can group them with other kids like themselves. Its optional for younger kids, but recommended if a younger child is above grade level and able to demonstrate that with a written test. Don't worry if your child doesn't test well. No one will be excluded or placed with much younger kids because of low scores. And we will adjust placements as needed once we get to know kids.  Parents and kids can see where they are by taking some sample tests. Someone at grade level will get about half right on a test for their grade.  Click here.

Group leaders are all volunteers. Other parents are expected to make themselves available to participate, if needed, unless they are watching younger siblings or working. Math ability is not required; it's more about supervision. 

There are recommended books and a recommended curriculum. MORE INFO HERE   

And, please explore the website! In addition to info about the team, there are useful links and practice materials.