Papa's Cupcakeria

Papa has a brand new store! Get to work in the town of frostfield’s newest shop. Pick to help James, Willow, or even your own custom character work at the cupcakeria to pay off debts after a car accident. Make the dream cupcakes that your customers are craving. Take orders, fill in the batter, bake the cupcakes, and decorate them to perfection! Impress the customers by making perfect cupcakes! This will keep them coming back for more! The better the cupcakes, the more the customers will tip you. Be sure to keep checking the line to take orders while making the desserts, the longer the customers wait, the less pleased they will be with your service. Earn points to decorate your shop to your liking. You can change the wallpaper, floor, add furniture and hang posters around! Use tickets customers leave you to participate in game shows! Winning these game shows can result in many prizes! Use tip money to purchase upgrades for the shop. Upgrades range from: a doorbell to hear customers come in or better ovens to cook the cupcakes faster!