Community Bookstore

Most of our volunteers also work at Community Bookstore, a place that embodies the idea of shopping local. An independently run bookstore that has been in the same location for 40 years, the staff has stuck it through Barnes and Noble opening a few blocks away, Amazon, kindles, nooks, and ebooks. In January 2007, the bookstore almost closed, but then owner Catherine Bohne asked the neighborhood for help. Investors were found and the bookstore survived.
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Park Slope Chamber of Commerce

Most of our funds come from the Park Slope Chamber of Commerce, so we'd like to thank them profusely, since without them, we wouldn't be here. The Chamber is made up of business owners along 7th Avenue, who work together to help keep the neighborhood improving.
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Sarah Sills

Sarah Sills is responsible for our poster designs and has done a wonderful job on them the past three years.

Yee's Hung Ga New York

Without Yee's Hung Ga, our website would not have been possible. Many thanks to Sifus Aline and Hussein. If you're interested in or curious about learning a martial art, this is the place to go. Their mission is to expose their students to the benefits of the traditional Hung Ga kung fu style.