1. The Hunt

Find/do as many Items on The List as you can in the time allotted. Points are awarded per Item. Point values are listed next to Item descriptions.

2. Time

The Hunt officially starts at 11:00am on June 17th. This is the EARLIEST The List will be given out. The Hunt officially ends at 4:00pm on the same day. While it officially ends at 4:00pm, and all actors will rendezvous back at the booth (of course rendering the Items they were involved in uncompletable), feel free to gather up quick Items and show up a little after 4. Judging will most likely still be going on. Also feel free to end prematurely, as Judges will be around from the very beginning.

3. Judging

Judging is a fancy way of saying scoring. Judging will take place at the Chamber of Commerce booth, which is the same place that you got The List. There will be three main Judges at the Booth until 4, at which time actors from event Items will show up to help Judge. This should make everything quicker, but to ensure Judging happens with ease, please, please have all your Items organized and ready to present. Also, please no disorderly conduct while in line to be Judged. Remember we’re all here to have fun, not punch each other in the face. You can join a fight club for that.

4. Points

When having your Items Judged, the base amount of Points you will receive for an Item is in parentheses after the Item description. Bonus Points will be awarded for creativity and/or extra effort. For example, if the Item is, “A crossbow. (5 quivers of points),” and you go out and buy a crossbow, you’ll get 5 Points. If, however, you make a crossbow out of common office supplies, you’ll get an extra like, couple Points, depending on the Judges’ opinion of how awesome your Item is. Points can and will be deducted from your score if the Judges deem you to be in violation of the third to last sentence of Rule #3. Partial credit will be awarded at the Judges’ discretion.


5. Contesting Bonus Point Awards

No. See Rule #4. 

6. Prizes

A list of Prizes and their Point values is at the end of the Item List. Prizes are donated by local merchants and are “while supplies last,” as it were. What this means is basically that if you want the $25 Gift Certificate to Park Slope Copy Center, but there’s only one left, and the guy in line in front of you wants it too, you’re out of luck. Shoot for the Prizes you want, but remember other people might want them too.

7. Bugging Shop Keeps

DON’T DO IT. Unless a clue specifically calls for you to talk to a shop keep, you shouldn’t be. Being businesses, many of them have business to do.  Asterisks denote clues that require interaction with shop keeps.