8x      $10 Gift Certificate to Community Bookstore

1x      The Time Machine by H.G. Wells courtesy of Community Bookstore ($5 value)

1x      A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle courtesy of Community Bookstore ($7 value)

1x      $25 Gift Certificate to Tutta Pasta

1x      Coupon for two pizzas eat in or delivered at South Brooklyn Pizza ($50 value)

1x      10% off Dinner at Istanbul Park

1x      $35 Gift Certificate to Da Nonna Rossa

2x      $25 Gift Certificate to Two Boots

1x      Robot Clock courtesy of Tarzian West ($7 value)

5x      $10 Gift Card to Cheeburger Cheeburger

2x      Bottle of Tickle Sauce ($10 value)

1x      $20 Gift Certificate to Cafe Grumpy

1x      $50 Gift Certificate to Dixon's Bike Shop

1x      Journal courtesy of Homebody Boutique ($21 value)

3x      Free six month Family and Friends Brooklyn Museum Membership courtesy of Warren Lewis Realty ($85 value)

20x    $20 Coupons to Green Apple Cleaners

1x      $30 Gift Certificate to Cousin John's Bakery

1x      $20 Gift Certificate to Okeanos

2x      $20 Gift Certificate to Flipster's

5x      Free small plain pie certificates to Pizza Plus ($7 value)

1x      Dozen Cupcakes Coupon to Butter Lane ($30 value)

1x      Red "Be Civic Minded" Umbrella courtesy of Park Slope Civic Council ($10 value)

1x      1lb Ground Coffee courtesy of Leaf 'N Bean ($13 value)

1x      Fat Quarter Bundle of fabric courtesy of Fiber Notion ($24 value)

4x      $5 Gift Certificate to Tasti D-lite

1x      $25 Gift Certificate to Scottadito

1x      Gift Bag courtesy of Sweet Charity ($157 value)

1x      Gift Bag courtesy of Lion in the Sun ($60 value)

1x      Free Haircut certificate to From Head to Toe ($25 value)

1x      $25 Gift Card to Lolli Boutique

1x      Free Parent and Child Hike ($70 value)

1x      Free Dog Grooming (up to $65 value)

10x    15% Off bottle(s) of wine coupons to Shawn's Wines & Spirits

1x      Free six-month membership to S Clubs ($699 value)

1x      Night Ride II M T-Shirt ( courtesy of Brooklyn Industries ($34 value)

3x      $10 Gift Cards to Sweet Melissa Patisserie

1x      $50 Gift Certificate to Fonda

1x      15% Off Coupon to Amin Indian Cuisine

1x      $25 Gift Certificate to Anthony's Pizzeria

1x      15% Off Coupon to Chiles and Chocolate

1x      Custom Made Wing Pin courtesy of Dark Side Custom ($25 value)

1x      $25 Gift Certificate to Galaxy Comics

1x      $50 Gift Certificate to Goldy + Mac

1x      $13 Growler Fill to GRAB Specialty Foods

1x      $25 Gift Certificate to J&R Television and Air Conditioning

20x    15% Off Coupons to JackRabbit Sports

2x      $25 Gift Certificate to La Bagel Delight

1x      $20 Gift Card to Lisa Polansky, INC

2x      $10 Gift Certificate to Moim

1x      $200 Gift Certificate to Nikibi Studio

1x      Dinner for Two Coupon to Park Slope Eatery

1x      $40 Gift Certificate to Salon Bohemia

1x      Gift Basket of Coffee, Tea, Tea Strainers courtesy of Tea Lounge ($32 value)

1x      $40 Gift Certificate for Manicure & Pedicure at Venelle Salon and Spa

4x      1 month of free kung fu classes at Yee's Hung Ga New York ($100 value)

1x      $25 Gift Certificate to Beer Table

2x      $25 Gift Certificate to Little Things Toy Store

2x      $20 Gift Certificate to Ocean's 8 at Brownstone Billiards

1x      Gift Basket courtesy of D'Vine Taste

1x      $35 Gift Certificate to Park Slope Copy Center

1x      $50 Gift Certificate to Barrio

2x      $20 Gift Certificate to 4Play Brooklyn

1x      $25 Gift Certificate to Applewood

3x      Free 12oz juice of your choice coupons to Back to the Land

1x      $25 Gift Certificate to Crespella

2x      A-Level Mystery Bag courtesy of 7th Heaven Scavenger Hunt Volunteers

3x      B-Level Mystery Bag courtesy of 7th Heaven Scavenger Hunt Volunteers

5x      C-Level Mystery Bag courtesy of 7th Heaven Scavenger Hunt Volunteers

1x      Box of several Warheads courtesy of 
7th Heaven Scavenger Hunt Volunteers

1x      Disco Ball courtesy of 
7th Heaven Scavenger Hunt Volunteers

1x      Dino Dig courtesy of 7th Heaven Scavenger Hunt Volunteers