Official Item List 2010

1. Break up a fight between a fat man and a chicken, and take a picture of them shaking hands as proof. They’ve been seen at various places along 7th Avenue. They couldn’t have gone far. (20 points)

2. Dance With the Stars! Convince a celebrity, local or otherwise, to dance with you in front of the judges, without telling them it’s for the Scavenger Hunt. ( 60 points if local, 75 points if otherwise; bonus points if you dance the tango or the waltz)

3. Safari time! Instead of taking pictures of wild animals however, you’re taking pictures of us! Snap a picture of each Judge smiling, facing your camera, without us knowing. Be careful! If we see you we’ll cross this item off your list. (25 points)

4. The longest possible unbroken strip of orange peel. (5 points per inch of peel)

5. Scavenger Hunt-Themed Scrabble tableau: Use as many Scrabble tiles as possible to compose a single-sentence ode to your team's magnificence. (Points equal the amount of points on the tiles divided by the number of words you use.)

6. Karrthus, the resident dragon of the Community Bookstore, went on vacation last month. Unfortunately, he kidnapped princesses wherever he found them and turned them into dolls! It would be too perilous for any one team to save them all; rescue one of them, and count on the other Hunters to save the rest! (20 points)

7. If you’re wearing your Scavenger Hunt 2009 T-Shirt during judging, you get 15 points.

8. Find Waldo. He is wandering the street fair today, so he could be anywhere. Snap a picture of him before he disappears into the crowd. Bonus points if you can convince him to give you one of his accessories (NOT including his hat or glasses) to bring back to us. Hurry though, he only has one of each! (25 points, 10 bonus points for an accessory.)

9. Play a human game of chess at the playground behind P.S. 321. Rules will be posted there, and are included after the standard rules page. (50 points for winning; 30 points for losing)

10. What would you do for a Klondike bar? Do it. (Judge’s Discretion: Points based on what you do. Klondike Bars are not available as prizes unless you complete this item with an acceptable degree of silliness.)

11. TBA at Judging

12. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Ring Pop? We don’t know, but we do want to see how many rings you can flaunt on your fingers. (3 points per ring)

13. Successfully Hula Hoop while jumping on a trampoline for 10 seconds. (30 points)

14. You’ve searched for items. You’ve played human chess. You’ve found Waldo. Now put your hands up in the club, because you just broke up and you’re doing your own little thing. That other guy? Don’t pay him any attention. He’s just jealous because the 7th Heaven Scavenger Hunt will be three years old next year. Three good years. We’ll cry our tears then. You can’t be mad at us. CUZ YOU KNOW WHAT?! IF YOU LIKED IT THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT A RING ON IT! Propose to one of the Judges using any of your rings from Item 13. What you propose is up to you. Warning: They might actually say yes. (15 points)

15. Be a flunky for a day - Find Mic O’ Mic at his favorite comic book store and complete his task to earn a token of his esteem. (25 points)

16. A blank key. (15 points)

17. Spice up the judge’s day by bringing an exotic foreigner to the judging table. Acceptable foreigners include people from Wisconsin, Canada, or the UK. Proof is required (For example: valid ID, passport). (40 points)

18. An experiment conducted by one of our Scavenger Hunt scientists at the former John Jay High School went horribly wrong last night. It was supposed to cure cancer but all it did was turn test subjects into zombies! We’ve been monitoring the situation and believe our scientist is alive. Meet up with Sgt. Lopez in front of the John Jay building. Follow him into the building to attempt to extract the scientist; he will tell you what to do next. (20 points)

19. Bring back a sample bag from From Head to Toe. (15 points)

20. Bring back a postcard from a south slope store whose name means “Pimples” in Japanese. (20 points)

21. Bring back some dough from the Two Boots’ Pizza Chef at the Pizza Window. (15 points)

22. It may seem like a croc, but these cute kids shoe accessories made one mom a multi-millionaire. (25 points)

23. Take a picture of the lamp on the front counter at Anthony’s. (15 points)

24. Last year you took a picture of Karen in Coney Island. This year, she’s in Prospect Park. Once again, take a picture of her. (25 points)

25. A postcard from Sprout Kidz. (15 points)

26. There are 32 red cubes hidden outside around 7th Avenue. The more you find, the more points you get. (20 points each)

27. A fabric swatch from your alternative fiber source. (15 points)

28. Take a picture of the baby head glasses through the window of Homebody Boutique. (15 points)

29. A takeout menu from Okeanos. (15 points)

30. Take a picture of the portrait of the 7th Ave Wine & Liquor store hanging on their wall. (15 points)

31. Take a picture of the garden in the back of Istanbul Park. (15 points)

32. Take a picture of an old milk urn at a very unhappy café. (15 points)

33. Take a picture of the logo on the wall at Lucas Fine Foods. (15 points)

34. Bring back a scalloped piece of thought bubble-shaped stationary from Park Slope’s sunny paperie. (15 points)

35. Photograph the many bottles of vinegar displayed in the fireplace at Blue Apron foods. (15 points)

36. Bring back a dog treat and proof you got it from Bark Slope. (15 points)

37. Name the type if wine displayed on the clock at Shawn’s Wines and Spirits. (15 points)

38. Bring back an Asics trucker cap from Slope Sports. (15 points)

39. Bring back a black toothpick given to you by a bird at Pizza Plus. (15 points)

40. Go to Salon Bohemia for appointments made easy. (15 points)

41. Bring back a takeout menu from Scottadito. (15 points)

42. Take a photograph of a photograph of a horse and buggy outside on a New York street hanging above a fireplace in the back of a wine store. (20 points)

43. Ask a waitress at Flipster’s what the burger of the day is. (15 points)

44. Bring back an orange slip of paper with “PSCC” on it. (25 points)

45. Take a picture of the dragonfly in the window of Back to the Land. (15 points)

46. Moim, the Park Slope Korean mecca is known for their top-rated kimchi. Bring the judges a sample. (15 points)

47. Take a photograph of the Baron that crashed into a mountain. (25 points)

48. What happens every Tuesday night at Barrio? (15 points)

49. Bring back a lollipop from D’Vine Taste. (15 points)

50. What year did Tarzian Hardware open? (15 points)

51. Take a picture of Tonto on an MG in the window of a 7th avenue real estate agency. (20 points)

52. Photograph the flying frog in a popular side street coffee shop. (25 points)

53. Bring back a chocolate chip cookie with proof that you got it from Cousin John’s Bakery. (15 points)

54. Bring back a postcard from the Ample Hills Cremery pushcart. (15 points)

55. Photograph the bigger of the two snowboard benches at 4PlayBrooklyn. (15 points)

56. One south slope store has the Eiffel Tower out front. Go inside and take a picture with Bob Marley. (20 points)

57. Don’t forget to put Green Apples on your grocery list. To do this, you need what? Get it and bring it back. (40 points)

58. How many styles of Brooklyn Brewery does Grab specialty foods carry? (15 points)

59. Bring back a ribbon from the patisserie that sells four kinds of cream: ice, egg, butter, and whipped. (25 points)

60. Photograph the prehistoric-pineapple-looking plant by the door of Bussaco. (15 points)

61. Big as a biscuit, deep as a cup, but even a river can’t fill it up. Photograph your team holding it. (40 points)

62. Photograph your entire team next to the yellow Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck. (20 points)

63. Hey Ugly! No, not you, but those guys who are cuddly and cute. They come in all shapes and sizes. Look for things purple and you’ll find them. Bring a photo of one of them to the judges.(20 points)

64. This friendly engine comes to life with a child’s imagination. With the land of Sordor at their fingertips, this tabletop fun you can hardly miss. Take a picture of it. (25 points)

65. The awning greets you with it, the bags leave you with it, and there are even people dressed in it! Find something with this signature color and logo. Ask any neighborhood kid; they’ll know where to go. (40 points)