Official Item List 2009

1. A Muffin Club Card. (80 points)

2. This organization is known for its blue hats, although it’s much more than just hats: it’s about support, friendship and connections. The founder is a sly one! Find their booth (if you can get there through the strollers) and get an epidermis adornment of their logo. Strategic placing will earn you bonus points. (900 – λ(3*89) points.)

3. A Banana Phone. (1000 nights and weekends points)

4. Photograph one of your team members riding an alligator. (37 points)

5. Find a purple toy store with a million little things. Now find a twig in the toy store. (A twig in a toy store? Are you serious? Yes. I am serious. Find the twig in the toy store.) Hint: Look for something brown; maybe a brown box. Also, look for something red, green, yellow or blue. After you find the twig in the purple toy store with a million little things, take a picture of one of your team members in the store, holding the twig. (92

6. Bring back the name of Miley Cyrus’ alter-ego’s best friend. (20.06 points)

7. Do you want to be an American Idol? Well, why be an American Idol when you can settle for Park Slope Idol? Go back to the Chamber of Commerce booth, announce your team name and song, and then perform it for us. Who knows? You might be the next Park Slope Idol. (50 points for performing, + 10 points if you pick a good song, and + 5 points if we don’t cringe)

8. Did you happen to notice the underlined letters in some of the clues? You didn’t? Well, pay more attention then. Look closer and find them. There should be 9 of them. Unscramble the letters to find the secret code word you must give to your contact. He will have a red carnation in his left pocket, and will meet you at Sweet Melissa. (007 points)

9. Pirates have boarded the H.M.S. Community Bookstore! Grab a sword from the Chamber of Commerce booth outside and help fight off the pirates. (9 points of eight)

10. Find Waldo. He is wandering the street fair today, so he could be anywhere. Snap a picture of him before he disappears into the crowd. Bonus points if your picture is a group shot of your team with Waldo, which includes one of your team members wearing his hat. (μ + 4 points)

11. Who among you keeps up with the news? I know I do. Well, not really. All I had to hear were the words “ninja” and “burglar” and I’m lost in my own world. Galaxy Comics reported a ninja burglar just this morning. Luckily, their staff members were skilled enough to catch the ninja, and are holding her captive. If you can, get her to teach you how to do a Lightning Blade Jutsu, and show us at judgment. Even if you didn’t get it right, partial points will be awarded for trying. (δ points)

12. A balloon from Union Market. Just not from the market on Union. (10 points)

13. Photograph one or more of your team members with an officer of the law doing something REALLY FUNNY. Or, for fewer points, just get one to hug you. (78th points)

14. Bring back the name of the movie star in stripes, whose photo is fourth from the left on the wall at 1 of a Find NYC. (1 in a 1,000,000 points)

15. Come one, come all
with this clue you’ll have a ball;
if you’re lucky you will fall.
At the bottom you will find
the item I had in mind.
(47 points)

16. These times demand the Times. (1.25 points)

17. A-Lion’ under
something not seen with thunder.
As you walk in to escape it’s clasp
it still has you in it’s grasp
and smiles at you from above.
Capture some of it’s bright and warm feelings on camera. (47 points)

18. .- /  ..-. .-.. .- ... .... .-.. .. --. .... - .-.-.- (1836/10 points)

19. Find the South Slope salon that’s a ‘Queen’ rhapsody. Pick up a magnetic calendar there. (ψ points)

20. Photograph the golden vine with crystal flowers. (122 points)

21. Bonjour! We have a visitor from Paris! Would you mind taking her picture in her warm French beret? She’s window-shopping across the street from the Emerald City’s coffee house. (Trois cent quarante-cinq points)

22. What color is your parachute? What color is your apron? Both of mine are blue. On a side note, y’know what I like to photograph? KOCH’s Original Hot, Premium Quality Horseradish pyramids on a lazy susan. (37.8 points)

23. Start with a store that doesn’t keep its merchandise inside. There’s a lot of those right? No, I mean on a regular basis, not just for the fair. Now find one that’s across the street from a church. Now take a picture of King Kong on the Empire State Building. ((6200-1900)/19 points)

24. Holy Water. Don’t be lazy and just buy a bottle of water…go get it blessed. (The Holy Trinity of points)

25. A kid’s bottle cap necklace that looks so yummy, you’ll wish they were a Lolli! (14 points)

26. A running shoe keychain from Slope Sports. (209 points)

27. A green Chiles & Chocolate menu. (5 points)

28. A fabric swatch. I have a notion that it has something to do with fiber. (187 points)

29. A wooden ovular token, good for 1 free drink at the Tea Lounge. (44 points)

30. A map of Prospect Park. (1 point)

31. Bring back the year Tarzian Hardware opened. (19.12 points)

32. Photograph one of your team members with a silicon basting brush. (90 points)

33. A yellow Admit One ticket with ‘Park Slope Copy’ stamped on the back. (42 points)

34. Bring back the name of the parrot at Barrio. (√57 points points)

35. A homemade potato chip from Second Helpings. (π points)

36. Photograph your entire team next to the yellow Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck. (θ/14 points)

37. A neat top. What’s a neat top? Well, it’s one of those three-legged white plastic table-looking things you find in some of your pizza boxes. I want one initialed by the owners of the store. If they look at you weird, or you have to ask twice, you’re at the wrong place. PLUS: This one’s been on 7th Ave since 1987. (19.87 points)

38. “Kookie, lend me your _____!” (19.60 points)

39. A U.S. Mint Quarter-Dollar with the District of Columbia, Guam, or Puerto Rico design on the reverse side. (50 state points)

40. Take a picture of the Les Paul guitars on the wall of the only store that offers the Edge Card. (100 if all of them are in the picture, 50 for half of them, and 5 for only one.)

41. TBA

42. An original INK JET print titled “Four Black Dots” by a Park Slope artist. Don’t worry, you won’t have to search apartments, she’s got a booth in the fair somewhere. (4 black points)

43. Have you ever heard of a rock with a personality? Have you ever heard of a rock that can be found somewhere online? Find the best toy store in the world and look around and see if you can find a rock that is a Little Thing and a little bit like a very nice pet. Maybe it might even be a pet rock. (Are you serious? Whoever heard of a rock being a pet? You bet I’m serious. Why can’t a rock be a pet?) Maybe it might be a rock that is having a snack or maybe just taking a nap. Or maybe just hanging out. The point is, find the rock that is a pet just hanging out and guess what. Take a picture. (123 points)

44. Eat, Drink, SMILE. (456 points)

45. Simon says? No, Shawn says: Identify the native of Napa currently residing in Tuscany. It enjoys the company of hearty foods. (789 points)

46. Bring back the name of whatever holds the number 1 spot on Grab’s daily draft list. (0 points)

47. Take a picture of Karen in Coney Island. (Some random amount of points)

48. A Green Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Bring back what the doc makes prescriptions with. (21 points)

49. Find a store sandwiched between a fruit store and a bookstore. Now go into the store and start looking. I know you might be too young to shave, but I think you will like to find this. Hint: The word “shave” is a clue. Sometimes, this rolls down the street, but it never rolls down the street by itself. Hint: That was another clue. Those two clues are the only clues I am going to give you. Never mind: Here’s one more clue. It is really a good idea to wear a special hat when using this. Good Luck. Don’t forget to take a picture. (56 points)

50. What has a chewy, peanutty, caramely inside with a pistachio and white nougat shell that looks like a sushi roll? I don’t know but it tastes d’vine! (ξ points)

51. Look for the black cat with a yellow and pink necklace. Yes, necklace. Not a collar. Take a picture of it once you find it. (/8/9+ points)