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What is the Scavenger Hunt?
The Scavenger Hunt is an event that takes place during the 7th Heaven 7th Avenue Street Fair on Sunday June 17th (also Father's Day). Potential players meet at the 7th Avenue Chamber of Commerce Booth (see map) to receive a List of Items they must find and bring back to the booth by 4pm. Each Item on The List is awarded a Point value; Items (or sometimes photos of Items) brought back to the booth earn you Points. Points can be spent on Prizes. There is a list of Prizes, gift certificates and other cool things donated by local businesses that equates each Prize with a certain amount of Points. Spend your Points on Prizes as you wish. Walk away at the end of the day pleasantly exhausted and with a bounty of goodies.

What is the 7th Heaven 7th Avenue Fair?

7th Heaven is a HUGE street fair that takes over 7th Avenue in Park Slope Brooklyn on Father's Day every year (this year it's June 17th). It stretches all the way from Flatbush Ave to 14th Street along 7th Ave. There are local business, street vendors, food trucks, and looooadds of good food.

Who are you guys?
Us? Oh we're just a bunch of awesome people who like to make up games, challenges, and generally have a fun time
...but most of us are also employees at the Community Bookstore of Park Slope (see Sponsors for more info)

How do I win the cool Prizes!?

Find the Items on the List. Each Item on The List has a different Point value. Things that are harder to find are worth more Points, things that are easy to find worth less. Check out our past Item Lists to see how we assign different things different values. Keep in mind that we're still developing a proper Point system, so some of it may not make sense.

Points? What are Points?

Points are what you get for handing in Items from The List that you've found. Different items are worth different amounts of Points. We totally have this complex math stuff that we use to calculate what should be worth what so you can't just win the game with one thing....but really it does work out quite fairly. You can play by either targeting a lot of easy stuff or go for a few bigger number Items that may take more time and energy.

What are the Items? Do I have to solve riddles, or what?

Not many riddles, no. Most of the Items will be self-apparent. For example, "Bring us a five-leaf clover. (5 points)", (not a real clue btw). Others might require you to figure out what the clue really is having you search for in order to find said Item. Again, see Past Lists for examples.

I'm want to start now! What do I do?
Hold your horses! Nothing really starts until June 17th. Until then you can pre-register and check out the Facebook page to connect with other eager potential participants.
Actually, we lied. There IS something you can do RIGHT NOW! If you haven't seen it already, there is a Mini-List of five Items that you can prepare ahead of time for Bonus Points! Check out the home page to see the Mini-List. (2012 Mini-List coming soon.)

I really want to participate but don't have a Team! Can I still play?

Yes, of course. Just know that it'll probably be a bit more difficult to play on your own. May we suggest checking out the Facebook page to try and connect to others in a similar situation? Maybe you can form your own team (and just possibly meet your new BFF).


Scavenger Hunt:
A game, typically played in an extensive outdoor area, in which participants have to collect a number of miscellaneous Items.

The List:
The List is given out no earlier than 11:00am the day of the Hunt. It contains the Rules and Items for the current year.

A thing you should be looking for trying to do to receive Points.

Points are what you receive from finding and turning in Items. You can exchange them for cool Prizes!

Bonus Point:
Bonus Points are awarded to participants who have gone above and beyond the call when completing certain Items. Bonus Points are given out at the Judges' discretion.

Judging is a fancy way of saying scoring. Judging will commence at 4:00pm at the Chamber of Commerce booth between Community Bookstore and Little Things Toy Store. It will continue as long as necessary for everyone to be properly scored.

Judges are the people who will tally up your Points during the Judging period. They will score your Team, tell you what Prizes are available, and then give you the Prizes of your choice within your Point Budget.


n, A thing given as a reward to the winner of a competition or race or in recognition of another outstanding achievement.