About Us

Unblocked games is here to offer you access to the games that were previously blocked for you. You can now experience the thrill and excitement of paying great games online even when your network has them blocked for you. In this site are a wide variety of games ranging from action, puzzles to adventures and they are regularly updated to present to you the best and latest games to challenge yourself with.

Other challenging yourself, you can challenge an opponent with the multiplayer games. You get to interact with other online gamers to share your experience online. This is a great source of entertainment for everyone wherever you are and any time day or night. It is recommended for kids as these games expand their minds making them develop strong logical minds as they grow.

All the games in our site are developed with the input of many people including you. Your comments are what make the gaming experience more enjoyable as we get to learn what you like and do exactly that because we are here for you. We are dedicated to improve the gaming experience everyday and add more games as soon as they are made available to us.

Our belief here at unblocked games is that no game should be blocked whether at work or school therefore we make every effort to make them available to you. This gives you an opportunity to relax your mind after a tough activity or entertain you during a boring day or meeting. Get away to the fantasy world where you control the environment and hide from the harsh reality. With these games, you can build you creativity and challenge you logical mind anywhere on your desktop or tablet.

You get to choose from so many games in several categories that suits your taste. All your favourite games brought to one spot making your gaming easy and straight forward, no need to jump from one website to another looking for the games you like. The games have been listed alphabetically and in categories making selection very easy. To make this even better, we have a search bar where you can just type the name of the game and we will bring you results based on the keyword typed.


The other advantage of using this site to play games is that you get to see what your friends are playing when you sign with your Facebook account, Twitter or Google plus. You can also share the pages and games with friends and followers so as to give them the same experience you have has with a certain game and to invite them for a competition.

What we have here at Unblocked games is only the best for you. Your comments on the gaming experience and website usability is what helps us improve your user experience of the site and gaming experience. Make that boring office meeting enjoyable by login in and playing your favourite game, make that long bus or train journey enjoyable by delving into your own gaming world today.