Theoretical Grammar (Balakirev)

Dear Students!
Welcome to the Theoretical Grammar Course.
Here you can find plans and assignments for the lectures and seminars.
To perform well, you have to know the requirements and the deadlines. So:
1. Deal with the lectures. You can find them here, below. You do not need to make notes but study them thoroughly. To study all the lectures you have the rest of October, i.e. till October 31.
2. You will have several seminars. You will get the instructions later. As for the tasks, they are already here, download them. As for the terms, for each of the seminars you will have no more than one week to accomplish the tasks and send them to me. The topic of your letters should have the following structure: For Balakirev K. Seminar №... + Your last name and group.
Attention! The deadline for Seminar 3 is  November 23. All the necessary requirements and instructions can be found in the document attached below.
3. Sources:


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In case you have questions, be sure to write them to me at once (

Seminars equal 5 points. Module test equals 15 points. So, the total amount of poinst to obtain makes 30.

Good Luck!

Balakirev K.A.

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