Reading List

3rd Six Weeks Reading Requirement...
You must read one book in the following genres...
1.  Realistic Fiction            2.  Fantasy
3.  Biography                     4.  Traditional Literature
5.  Informational                6.  Poetry
7.  My Choice-- Novel in any genre (75 or more pages)
Use the genre notes in your ISN spiral to decide which genre your book fits into.  If you are unsure, you may ask me or Mrs. Lindsey for assistance.  
Remember:  Read books in your lexile range.  You must have your parents sign your reading log calendar each night and you must log your books on the form in your ISN spiral.  This is TWO of your reading grades!!  See the grading rubric below for how I will grade.                                               
Tracey Carter,
Jul 18, 2011, 11:16 AM