31 Day Photo Challenge

The 31DPC is a photography and lifestyle competition designed to push the limits of our little community, both creatively and athletically, whilst having a space where we can share and celebrate these accomplishments.

<The concept is simple>

From March 1st - 31st grab your friends and start shooting photos in the mountains keeping the 3 categories listed below in mind.

You may submit up to 5 of your best photos at the end of the month.
We will have a final evening showcasing all submissions on Wednesday April 5th at the Brickworks Public House (7pm) and everyone attending will have the chance to help vote in this years winners.

The comp is run through our facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/The31dayphotochallenge so in order to keep the "stoke" going you are encouraged to post as many photos as you like throughout the month, or if you must keep them up your sleeve, email your top 5 to 31dayphotochallenge@gmail.com at the end of March.

The 3 Categories

1. Rider Award (aka the "sendy" award)
- Considering the Terrain, Difficulty, Style, etc..

2.Artist Award (aka the "oooooow" award)
- Considering the Subject, Setting, Angle, light, etc..

3. Lifestyle Award (aka the "yes thats mountain livvin"! award)
- Who can capture the fun/beauty/excitement of the life that they are living??

The Guidelines/Rules

- Shoot or crop to widescreen(16:9) where possible as this fits the screens best on presentation night.
- The photos must be taken within the 31 days not before or after.
- Photos must contain at least one person in the shot that is known by you personally (excludes lifestyle category)
- No major photoshopping or app use please, minor enhancements only.


(TBA -all donated by our sponsors to the right here)
-Each of the 3 categories will be awarded a prizes.
-A significant prize will also go to the photo receiving the loudest applause as we run the slideshow through the first time.

The 31DPC's History

The idea was created back in 2012, for our community of friends and friends of friends, to help capture the mountain lifestyle. The aim was to try and slow everyone down, to look around and take in what we sometimes miss or take for granted. Also to push each other a little further, both creatively and athletically. The reward being the photos that we capture and will now have for the rest of our lives..... and a couple of sweet prizes just to up the ante a little and sweeten the deal.

"So what is it you've been meaning to do out there? What is it you love to do out there? Can you slow the flow and capture a moment for all to see?
What’s going to look good on the big screen presentation night? What will make people laugh? Clap? Cheer? High five??........................"