Report of the Nominating Committee

Please see below for the report of the Nominating Committee:

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Nominating Committee Chairman Becca Marks-Anderson via email at

23rd District Bylaws Articles & Sections pertaining to nominations and elections, as adopted by the 23rd District Association on June 13, 2015:



No member shall serve concurrently in more than one elected or appointed district office.


To be eligible for an elected district office, a person must have served on the district board for one year.


To be eligible for the office of president, a person must:

a.    Be a member of a local association in good standing within the district PTA boundaries at least thirty (30) days prior to election;

b.    Have served a council as president, or have served on the district board for two (2) years. 



a.   Only those persons who are eligible and who have signified their consent to serve if elected shall be nominated for or elected to office.

b.      Nominees for the offices of president, treasurer, auditor, or any elected officer authorized to sign checks shall not be related by blood or marriage or reside in the same household.

c.      During his/her term of office, a council president shall not serve as an elected or appointed district officer.



The district board shall consist of officers of the district, presidents of councils, appointed leadership liaisons, presidents of out-of-council associations, chairmen of standing committees, the immediate past president (unless elected or appointed to another office), and all California State PTA and National PTA officers and chairmen residing in the district. A council first vice president shall be granted the right to vote on the district board when officially representing the council in the absence of the council president.

California State PTA

Dues Increase Implementation
July 1, 2015

At the May 2014 California State PTA convention, delegates adopted a motion to increase the state portion of the dues by 75¢ for a total of $2.00 per member. The increase will become effective July 1, 2015.

PTA units write in the following on their current bylaws:

Article IV, 4b – strike $1.25 and insert $2.00*.

Add: *Proviso: For the period July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015, the California State PTA dues portion will be one dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25), and will increase to two dollars ($2.00) on July 1, 2015.

No bylaws submittal required.

Click HERE for a downloadable PDF version of this information, to share with your membership. 

The Nominating Committee

The purpose of the nominating committee is to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of the PTA. The members of the committee, therefore, have a tremendous influence on the future of the PTA and should be selected carefully.

Serving on a nominating committee is an honor and a privilege. This committee is the PTAs most influential internal body, and because it deals with sensitive issues, deliberations of this committee are kept confidential.

Nominating committee members should have a broad acquaintance with the membership and an understanding of the organization's functions and its purposes. The committee should include both experienced leadership as well as newer members.

Nominating Committee Resources