Who is 23rd District PTA?


23rd District is PTA at the County level.

Chartered in 1927, we encompass all of Riverside County, California.  We currently serve over 250 unit (school site) PTAs, within 9 Council (school districts) PTAs.  We also serve (24) Out of Council units in Beaumont and Palm Springs, Cherry Valley and Cathedral City.  We have the pleasure and the responsibility of chartering new units and councils throughout the county.  We act as a conduit for information flowing from the unit and council levels to the state level and vice-versa.  We work in partnership with the Riverside County Office of Education, and provide parental input on a variety of issues.

The officers and chairman of 23rd District PTA work closely with our Councils and Out of Council units to ensure that they have the training, mentoring, information, and guidance they need to be successful leaders and advocates.  In turn, the councils provide these same services to their units.

This web site is only one of the tools we provide for the edification of our members.  In addition, we coordinate attendance at the annual California State PTA convention each spring, and we host Summer Leadership Trainings.

The 23rd District PTA board is made up of members from a variety of councils.  They are exceptional leaders who have devoted many years of service to this organization.

Take advantage of our collective knowledge by utilizing the tools that we provide both online and off.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.  We hope you find it a valuable resource.

So, who is 23rd District PTA?

We are the middle link in the chain of child advocacy that includes Units, Councils, Districts, State, and National PTA.

In short, we are you!

Are you interested in starting a PTA at your school?  Let us help you.  Contact the 23rd District PTA at 23rddistpta@rcoe.us