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CTI WBL "ePortfolio"

There are several steps in creating your ePortfolio.  This section will walk you through those steps and hopefully the end product will allow you to manage, save and publish an "ePortfolio."

Step 1: Create a "Career Zone Portfolio"
            - go to Career Zone (click here)
            - create a new account on this portfolio page
            - complete steps 1 through 18 on your portfolio page, steps 17 and 18 are really final activities.

Step 2: Look at your Career Plan (CP in your career zone portfolio)
            - Make sure the five (5) sections on your career plan are completed.  You may have to go back to each section (1-18) in the portfolio to do this.
            - Once you make your changes, review your CP (career plan) and check for omissions or mistakes.
            - Print your CP (career plan).  In order to print click on CP in the career zone section under VIEW CAREER PLAN, then right mouse click
              on the displayed PDF file.  Scroll to print and click print.
            - Next build your resume using RESUME BUILDER by clicking on the R under VIEW CAREER PLAN.
            - Follow the instructions to build your resume.
            - Always do a final review before printing
            - Print your resume, once you have save it and viewed it, click on VIEW RESUME, then right mouse click on the document and scroll
              to print and click on print.  This will produce a PDF document of your resume.   You need ADOBE ACROBAT to view, print and
              save your document (go to Get Acrobat Reader)

Step 3:  Develop a "dollars and sense" financial budget
            - In the "VIEW CAREER PLAN" section in your career plan portfolio, click on the $ symbol in this section.
            - Follow instructions and create your financial plan
            - Once you complete your plan, print it and/or save it.  Use this information to plan how much it will cost you to be successful.

Step 4: Create your Google Site and save all your portfolio documents on it.   You can make your Google "ePortfolio" private to all and only give out your
            web site address to people you want to share your "eportfolio" so it may be reviewed by potential employers.

Step 5: Create Google Site: Go to this website to see a sample of an "ePortfolio Template website

            Remember you must create your own website template for your use, and remember to control the
            access to your site under the settings, manage websites.
NOTE: If you want me to review your portfolio work, please include this email and name in your access listing: Roberto Bonefont, Sr.  email: roberto.bonefont@dcboces.org
The attachment (1) below (Employability Profile Template) can be downloaded and you can track your employability by tracking your subject accomplishments.  Download the form (a word document form) and use it as a template in word so you can add information to it as you update it.  If you have any questions, please contact me.
Mr. Bonefont

Another method to create an "ePortfolio" is to visit the Wix website   Here is a sample of my "ePortfolio" using the Wix website.  Wix is free!

There are many templates to choose from and there are blank templates so you can design your own "ePortfolio!"

Roberto Bonefont Sr,
May 17, 2011, 12:02 PM