posted Oct 13, 2009, 12:52 AM by Roberto Bonefont Sr   [ updated Nov 19, 2012, 7:25 AM ]
So, you've decided to come to CTI... well... that's an excellent choice.  Now... what do you get out it?  Well... here is just one major benefit for coming to CTI. 
CTE ENDORSEMENT ON YOUR REGENTS DIPLOMA:  If you successfully complete two years of trade and academic work at CTI, and also meet the other requirements to receive the CTE endorsement, which includes completing a "work based learning" program, and successfully passing a national competency exam, the seal you see below will be affixed to your Regents Diploma when you graduate. 

So I get a seal on my diploma... what's the big deal?  Well... the seal will certify that you completed a New York State Regents endorsed course of instruction in Career & Technical Education, this added credential on your Regents Diploma will make you more marketable in the Labor Force.  Think of it as a "employability skills" credential.
Most high school graduates have a high school or Regents diplomas upon graduating, you'll have a diploma and an additional certification of your Career & Technical Education in your preferred course of study.  In the 21st Century market place, employers are looking for students who not only have achieved academic success, but are also looking for students who can take that academic achievement and bring their specialty trade skills sets to their jobs.  21st Century learning is about having skills that provide employers with transferable and transitional life and career skills.   That's "Authentic Learning!"
Can you see the advantage of a CTE endorsement on your Regents diploma now?
Ask your instructor how you can get a CTE endorsement. 
Mr. B.