posted Oct 13, 2009, 12:54 AM by Roberto Bonefont Sr   [ updated Nov 19, 2012, 7:23 AM ]
Are you a member of our "eBoard Job Bank?"   NO...???   Well, here are several reasons why you should be.  First... it automatically creates a mini-online resume; second... local employers are members of the job bank... and that means they are looking at your resumes; and third... based on your resume and talents, they may offer you a job.
With unemployment this year at an all time high (for Dutchess County in Jan '10 the rate was 8.8 %, and this year in Jan '11 the rate was 8.5 %), it important that you, as a student, and future worker, learn how to market yourself for the labor market.  Yes, even as a high school student.  Remember, that because of the unemployment rate being so high, there are adults that are competing with you for jobs.  Adults may have the advantage because of their experience and prior training. 
But, don't be discouraged by that!  The nation as a whole, is slowing recovering from the recession, and as the nation recovers, more jobs will be created, and more adults will go back to work.  
So, get a head start... join our job bank today.  Here is the link below:  http://www.dcboces.org/CTI/wbl/jobs

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Once on the site, click on "if you are a student, enter here"... following the instructions to sign up and you're on your way.
If you have an difficulty, please come by the main office and see me.  Good Luck with your future.
"Remember...Work Based Learning Pays!"
Mr. B.