About Me

I am currently the Former Job Placement Specialist and the Coordinator of Work Based Learning Programs for Career Development
I've been working at Dutchess Boces since 1997 and retired in July 2016.  First, as a trade teacher in the subjects of Public and Private Security to include Criminal Justice, and now in my current position since 2005. Prior to coming to Dutchess BOCES, I was the Site Security Supervisor for the IBM Plant in Poughkeepsie, under the Wackenhut Corporation, in charge of providing 24 hour security for the more than 5,000 employees at the plant.  I supervised several mobile patrols and entry control points, to include receptionist security at two primary locations at the plant.  I supervised a work force of approximately 18 personnel to include payroll, training and management.  Prior to working in private industrial security, I worked for the United States Air Force.  Retiring as a  Master Sergeant, Security Police Superintendent Manager, covering a 22 year military career in military police, that started in June 1973 and finished in January 1996.  Over the 22 years, I worked as an Alert Area Entry Controller, Security Alert Team Leader, Communications Plotter, Custodial Agent, Training NCO, Emergency Service Team Operator, Field Supervisor and Trainer (SWAT 15 yrs.), Security Police Mobility and Supply NCO, Security Police Criminal Investigator (10 Years) and Superintendent, Law Enforcement Superintendent, Training Superintendent, and Quality Control Superintendent. 
I received my college education through the Community College of the Air Force and through the State University of New York at Oswego.

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