Faculty and Staff

Mr. Jerry Travelstead, Superintendent/Principal

Mrs. Alvis, Secretary/Homeless Liaison/Athletic Director

Mrs. Yeager, Pre-K

Mrs. Peradotto, Kindergarten

Mrs. Leonard, First Grade

Mrs. Dorsey, Second Grade

Miss Opp, Second Grade

Ms. Bowen, Third Grade

Mrs. Silbe, Fourth Grade

Ms. Fulk, Fifth Grade

Mr. Plumlee, 6th-8th Language Arts

Mrs. Howell, 6th-8th Social Studies/Science

Mrs. Plumlee, 6th-8th Mathematics

Ms. Epplin, Special Education

Mrs. Searby, Art

Ms. Trigg, PE, Health

Mrs. Carter, Head Cook

Mrs. Buza, Cook

Mrs. Lynch, Paraprofessional

Mr. Kellerman, Head Custodian, Bus Driver

Mr. Jackson, Night Custodian

Mr. Searby, Bus Driver

Mrs. Epplin, Speech

Mrs. Rakers, Paraprofessional

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