2019 Symposium on Strategic Management 

in the Age of Digital Disruption

            24 May 2019, Friday


We often hear the phrase “Data is the new Oil” in many recent discussions.  The power to leverage the new oil to yield management insights to enable smart decision makings hinges on how we use the appropriate technologies. Yet, as seasoned senior executives and engineering managers we are well aware that the technologies alone are not enough to unleash the full potential and benefits of the Data. There must be accompanying changes in management processes and company culture. On the other hand, the leaders must make the right investments and set the overarching strategy clear in order to make the organization thrive in this digital era.

The objective of the symposium is to provide a platform for audiences to learn about the latest developments and applications of the disruption technology surrounding our daily life from our seasoned speakers as well as for policy makers from both government and the legislature; industry leaders, technology providers, and senior members of the engineering profession to share their respective perspectives and efforts made in formulating their resource investment and business development strategies in anticipation of the digital disruptions.

The Symposium will be conducted in English unless otherwise specified. 

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