The History Of Habbo Retros in 2014

Habbo Retros have changed a lot in the year 2014. With Sulake cracking down on them in the hopes of increasing sales and adding to the longevity of the Habbo Hotel brand, many of the "top sites" or "top lists" offering Habbo Retros, such as this one, have been shut down or abandoned due to widespread closure of the retros by increased DMCA claims issued by Sulake that have forced their hosting providers to discontinue services to the individuals providing these hotels, or face legal litigation.

I personally hope that this is not the end of these Habbo Retro Emulators I really enjoy them as they offer an off-beat experience as compared to the official habbo hotel, and many are very generous in what they give users for free. I have played Habbo for years and when I first discovered these hotels I was able to stop spending money on the real habbo and save it for other things. I guess I am not the only one which is why Sulake is fighting so hard to protect the intellectual property of Habbo by shutting all these down.