CSSE 11 Plus mock exams Southend , Chelmsford and Colchester areas

CSSE 11+ Mock Exams Southend, Chelmsford,Colchester


The 11 Plus is the first most important test your child will ever take. With just a limited level of Grammar Schools in Essex available, competition for places is fierce. In a few areas up to 50% of Grammar school pupils originate from outside of catchment area. That informs you how popular Grammar Schools are due to the high standard of education they feature to pupils.

Every parent wants their child to complete well in the 11 Plus Exams and having private tutors giving some children expert tuition to greatly help them cope with the exams by covering most of the relevant topics in the test that may possibly not be all covered by your child's school is a good idea. Mock exams are an expansion of this tutoring. It gives your child a straight better chance of passing their 11 Plus. Even when your child does not need an excellent chance of passing it's still an excellent experience for them as the next big exam
they'll take is the GCSEs and at that time we'd hope our children are used to the pressures a large exam can bring. Below we will quickly list the features of taking these CSSE 11 plus mock exams.

Advantages of accomplishing an CSSE 11 Plus mock exams :

The very first advantage is reducing the degree of nerves or anxiety your child has before and throughout the tests. Some students are so nervous by enough time they take their first big exam they've a melt down and that's something which can be avoided by getting pupils used to the whole style and feel of a large exam , leaving them to concentrate on the particular questions they'll face in the exams. Even when your child doe not need a melt down they are still going to feel nervous and that affects concentration levels and the capability for pupils to recall facts that they would normally know under a less pressurised environment. Also nerves affect revison too even the very thought of going for a big exam can leave a child's nerves in tatters before they have even entered a room.

We've recommendations on reducing pre exam nerves and stress on our Facebook page (tutorssouthend). Doing mock exams helps your child familiarise themselves with the whole process even as we try to make our mock exams feel as close as you possibly can to the real thing.

The mock exams are not about passing or failing them, they are about improving, preparing and learning from your own mistakes. Your child will undoubtedly be nervous and anxious ahead of the mocks to varying degrees and that's normal since it is something they have not done before but once they have completed the tests with us most of those nerves and anxieties could have been diminished.

Unlike the real 11 Plus after the mock exams we will let you have back the marked papers> you will have a way to inform which areas they have to improve on and that they still need more work on. This can mean your child's revision will time will undoubtedly be better used on the topics they want help with.

What else can we do to greatly help them after the mocks ?

The very first thing we are able to do straight after the exam is give you a review session. This is held in small groups where we undergo most of the areas which they didn't do so well in. We also cover exam techniques on the best way to tackle questions in the limited time they have and just help them interpret better how most of the questions are worded so there's no confusion the next time.

Next we have many different possibilities at our disposal all influenced by your child's needs. First just spending additional time revising the topics they are weaker on at home. Another option is regular private one to one tuition which we can offer but susceptible to availability or there's the popular option of overpowering 3 days an intensive revision course with us followed by another mock exam on the 4th day. Lastly needless to say there are many 11 plus mock exams you could possibly get your child to take. You will find 6 as a whole (more may be added) from the start of January to the first week in September. The more mock tests your child takes the convenient they'll feel about the whole process and most importantly the higher the chance they'll have passing the 11 Plus hone most of the areas they are weaker.

Have any questions about our 11 Plus mock exams or want to reserve a area for your child ? Then please visit http://www.jacqueline-white.co.uk/11-plus-mock-exams-southend-leigh-basildon or email info@jacqueline-white.co.uk



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