Division 3

Mr. Vine - Journey Middle School

Welcome to Journey Middle School's Divsion 3, Grade 8 class with Mr. Vine!

Class overview

This year our Division 3 class will be in a cohort with Mrs. Walker's Division 4 Class, right next door.

  • Mr. Vine is teaching Math, Science, and Physical Education.

  • Mrs. Walker is teaching English, Social Studies, and French.

The following is the website for our Division 3 Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/MTM5MjU5MjA5MTU4

Classroom work and assignments can be found in the Division 3 Google Classroom.

About me

My name is Zac Vine and as well as teaching grade 8, I am also the Athletic Dircetor at Journey Middle School. I love coaching Track & Field, and I am a big sports fan. I'm also a fairly big "sneakerhead".

I love teaching and living on Vancouver Island!

Virtual Resources

The following are some links to helpful webistes: