Career Technical Education

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What is CTE?

It's a career preparation program that cuts out extra classes and only focuses on what you need for a hand's on job. There are many CTE programs at 2 year colleges (like SIerra and ARC)

Where can I take CTE classes?

Currently, San Juan Unified has over 35 programs that are offered FREE at high schools in the District. AT some, you can even earn college credits!

How much are CTE classes?

Currently, in the State of California, a 2 year Junior College (like ARC, Sac City, etc.) are FREE for the first 2 years to recent high school graduates. All Jr. Colleges have CTE programs. Some may charge a small fee, but you can often get financial aide, which helps pay for college.

What if I may want to go to college?

You can do both!

You can train for a CTE program (which gives you job skills) and still attend a college. Maybe you want to be a Doctor, so you do the CTE program for Medical Assisting and work your way through college with an office job. Maybe you want to be a mechanical engineer, but you want to work on cars as a hobby or job through college.

Where can I get more information?

Come talk to your high school Counselor!