Community Colleges: 116 Campuses


(or on college website)

Must be 18 or have High School Diploma

High School grades DO NOT MATTER

Apply by April 1 to get priority registration!

Two Years Free

lower division classes

must submit FAFSA and

attend full-time

CSU: 23 Campuses



2.5 GPA minimum (A-G courses) No D’s or F’s are accepted

Life Circumstances, High School Opportunities and Extra-Curricular Activities hold more weight in admissions

NO Letter of Rec, Personal Statement, SAT or ACT Needed!!

**You can transfer in from a 2 year college (like ARC)

UC: 9 Campuses


3.0 GPA minimum to apply (10th & 11th grade A- G)

Requires "Personal Insight Questions"- mini essays

Extra- curricular and volunteer activities considered

NO Letter of Rec, SAT or ACT scores required (scores only used for class placement)