Alexa, Play Ultralight Beam - RCA2021, 2021, Ashleigh Williams

Look What The Cat Dragged In - New Contemporaries at South London Gallery, 2021, Ashleigh Williams

Rise of the Babeworldians - PAF London W/ Anne Duffau, 2021, Ashleigh Williams

Rack Your Brains - 2020, Ashleigh Williams & Gabriella Davies

Babeworld, The Movie - Plymouth Art Weekender, 2019, Ashleigh Williams (contributions from Zachary Trevitt and Pete Machale)

Sometimes You Gotta Close The Door To Open The Window - New Contemporaries Digital Residency, 2021, Ashleigh Williams

Dad, Dancing - New Contemporaries at South London Gallery, 2021, Gabriella Davies

Me, Myself, and My Ability To Claw Through Life - New Contemporaries Website, 2020, Ashleigh Williams

Garlic Doughballs - New Contemporaries Website, 2020, Gabriella Davies

Call Me By Your DWP Registration Number - Shape Arts Open, 2020, Ashleigh Williams & Ellie Harman Taylor

Brown Cow Pink Milk - Institute of Contemporary Art New Creatives, 2019, Ashleigh Williams, Caitlin Whittle (contributions from Lena Drotleff)