Leeds 2023 Seed Commission, coming 2022 - 'No Home Advantage', an idea aiming to tackle the uneven playing field of who is allowed to be a spectator of football.

Imitating the Dog Research and Development Grant, coming Dec 2021 - 'Between CSSD and Home' explores the identities of Babeworlds Ingrid Banerjee Marvin, and collaborator / Babeworld founder Ashleigh Williams, through the way that they have represented themselves online and seen themselves represented.

Creative Individuals Norfolk, coming 2022 - 'Let’s be (genuinely) ‘avin you' will be examining how the personal archiving of individual experiences of watching football is largely tied to being in the fairly exclusive position of attending a match and being able to buy and collect programmes.

East Street Arts GUILD Commission, coming 2022 - 'Ima Burst Your Bubble Two Times If You Don't Mind' is a zine that addresses assumptions marginalised identities experience, and what it means to be accurately represented.

Umbrella Lane / Arika, coming 2022 - A piece of writing commissioned for a publication around the theme of sex work.