Ash and Gabi (Babeworld) - Deptford x Deptford .m4a

For Deptford x's 2021 festival, Babeworld were commissioned to create a 30 minute audio piece to be broadcast on AAJA Radio.

"We’ve all had our look around the art world - predominantly white cis middle class men, making art about, well, whatever they feel like. With the world set up for the most privileged to navigate smoothly, us marginalised folk have very few frames of reference when it comes to cruising or clawing through life, let alone the art realm. With this in mind - how do you find yourself represented in mainstream media and popular culture- if at all?

This piece explores the attachment of two artists (Ashleigh Williams and Gabriella Davies) to fictional characters in the anime Hunter x Hunter. Using the mistreatment of Illumi and Alluka Zoldyck to discuss our placement within society, we aim to weave tales of our lived experience with scenes from HxH - whilst convincing the audience why we think Illumi is Autistic and Alluka is trans. We debate the highs and lows of trans and autistic representation, offering a dialogue the art world and academia often skims over"

Audio by Ashleigh Williams and Gabriella Davies, graphic by Caitlin Whittle.


Since 2019, Babeworld has been commissioned for multiple radio shows on Montez Press Radio. Click the link below to hear a selection of pre-recorded shows.