Strategic Review Feedback

Review – have your say

This year we will be re-visiting our guiding statement and over-arching goals, as we move towards developing and refining a local curriculum.

During the year, we will be asking our community to contribute to discussions about how we do things at Central and what is important for your child/ren education.

This diagram above gives a visual of how the current vision connects to our goals.

Our guiding statement, Education is Central - Ko te Mātauranga te Pūtake is at the centre with our 3 main focus areas coming from there. To fulfil the vision, we must have:

· Successful Learners (which includes goals for academic success and hauora)

· Contributing Citizens

· An Engaged Community

Each year initiatives are developed and implemented to help us move towards fulfilling our vision.

To start the consultation process, we’d like some feedback about our current vision/ guiding statement.


Prior to 2017, the Central School Vision was “Central School’s graduate learner will be well equipped with the skills and self-belief to achieve and interact with our world and its diverse inhabitants.” This came from a large amount of consultation in 2010 and 2011. In 2015 it was decided that the statement was quite wordy for our children and did not carry a lot of impact. At the time, Education is Central was our Mission Statement. Through consultation in 2016, it was decided to adopt Education is Central, Ko te Mātauranga te Pūtake as our vision. At the time, it helped that the phrase was already known to the children and it fit with our school name.

Education is Central, Ko te Mātauranga te Pūtake - So what does this mean?

Education, in this context, is in its broadest sense and includes the development of knowledge and skills across all traditional curriculum subjects, as well as the key competencies that enable our young people to continue to learn throughout their lives. In a nutshell, it is saying a broad education is important and helps set you up for a successful future.

QUESTION: Is “Education is Central, Ko te Mātauranga te Pūtake” still relevant and appropriate?

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