Instructional Scenarios

The Division of Academics has compiled this Hybrid Learning Support Document that includes instructional guidance and three models of instruction that you could consider. The models are intended to give ideas about what instruction could look like during the course of a lesson during hybrid

Departmental Guidance for Providing Instruction During Hybrid Learning

Ideas from PGCPS Educators

See how a few PGCPS educators may approach various teaching and learning scenarios in PGCPS, such as small groups, whole group, independent practice, and checking for understanding. View ideas for classroom set up given the equipment that educators may have in their classrooms.

Instructional Scenarios | Hybrid Teaching and Learning

NOTE: Please refer to the Reopening Plan and the Division of Academics for guidance for instruction during hybrid teaching and learning. The ideas presented here are curated by PGCPS educators, but not vetted for alignment to PGCPS requirements.