Engagement and Technology Lead

What is an ETL?

An ETL is the school's principal-designated Engagement and Technology Lead. This role was previously known as the Technology Liaison. Engagement and Technology Leads are expected to attend district-sponsored technology professional development throughout the school year and apply strategies at their schools. They are leaders who exemplify quality in learning with instructional technology. While leading the school's Technology Team, they support their school implementation of countywide technology initiatives through the lens of instruction first, technology second.

Elementary Technology Coordinator

The Technology Coordinator is a principal-designated position for elementary school's only. Principals have the discretion to select a staff member responsible for fulfilling the following responsibilities for their school. PGCEA staff selected to fulfill the role will earn an school-based emolument.

  • Supporting staff and students in the set-up, use, and resolution of issues with classroom technologies;

  • Facilitating password changes for staff and students, while encouraging the use of IDM when appropriate;

  • Assisting school administrators with technology inventory management;

  • Supporting all building staff and students as an active member of the school-based technology teams to provide Tier I technology support;

  • Remaining up to date with district technology initiatives;

  • Attending IT division meetings as needed.

In secondary schools, some of the identified responsibilities above may rest with the IT Technician or multiple people within the technology team.

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Upcoming ETL Meeting Dates:
All times 4:30-6:30, unless stated otherwise

Although not required, ES Technology Coordinators may also attend.

October 13, 2022

November 16, 2022

February 1, 2023

March 29, 2023

May 31, 2023


Developed by Dr. Royce Kimmons and used within PGCPS for teachers to self-reflect on their practice and how technology is embedded into their daily lessons.

The International Society for Technology in Education has developed standards for Education Leaders, Coaches, Educators, Students, and Computational Thinking Standards for Educators. The ISTE Standards are a framework for innovation in education, helping educators worldwide prepare learners to thrive in work and life.

PGCPS Tech Support

This site should be used internally to support ES Technology Coordinators and others responsible for Tier I technical support for PGCPS staff and students.

ETL's may stay connected through our ETL Canvas community.

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ES Technology Coordinators may stay connected through the ETL Canvas community.

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