Purpose: Canvas is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that allows educators to create course content online for full online instruction, hybrid instruction, or to complement face-to-face instruction.

What is a Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is designed to create, distribute and manage the delivery of educational content. As an LMS, Canvas will connect PGCPS digital resources in a single location whenever possible.

Teachers can post content, facilitate discussions and administer formative assessments. Students will be able to see assignments, due dates and class materials in one place. Learning outside of the normal day can be facilitated for K-12 and adult learners.

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Why Use canvas?

Canvas can be used for in person, remote, or to encourage collaboration among learners of both modalities. Take a look at a few benefits below:

  • Quick set-up and organization of courses using PGCPS-provided templates

  • Access courses with auto-updated class rosters, based on SchoolMAX schedules

  • Locate and utilize ready-made district created content and teaching materials

  • (Future Date TBD) Families will have view only access for their student(s) course, including announcements, assignments, and all course material

  • (Future Date TBD) Grades updated correctly in auto-rostered courses will be sent from Canvas to SchoolMAX

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