Purpose: Canvas is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that allows educators to create course content online for full online instruction, hybrid instruction, or to complement face-to-face instruction.

What is a Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application designed to create, distribute and manage the delivery of educational content. As an LMS, Canvas will serve as a multifunctional and comprehensive solution to connect PGCPS digital resources in a single location. It will be where teachers can post content, facilitate discussions and administer formative assessments, while students will be able to see their assignments, due dates and class materials in one place. It can also be a space where students may extend their learning outside of the normal classroom and school day.

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SY 21-22

  • Educators select Canvas or Google Classroom as the learning platform they will use with students

  • Educators access curriculum documents from Google Drive through Canvas.


  • Administrators select school-based teams as Canvas Champions

  • Academics develops modules and packaged content to serve as guidance for educators.

  • T3 provides professional learning for Canvas Champions and educators, who regularly work with students and choose to use Canvas throughout the school year.


  • Families access assignments and announcements (view only) via the web and mobile app.


  • IT investigates grades passing from Canvas to SchoolMAX for courses automatically created based on SchoolMAX rosters.

  • T3 begins to provide professional learning to district offices who host training and would like to organize learning through Canvas.


  • IT integrates eligible digital textbooks and district-purchased digital resources within Canvas for educators and students access.

  • T3 continues to provide professional learning for educators who work regularly with students.


SY 22-23

  • Educators will be required to use Canvas to post content for students’ use.

  • Eligible digital textbooks are integrated within Canvas.

CanvAS Vs. Classroom


Automated process for student enrollment to courses

Digital tools can be embedded or linked

Family access allows access to the course as an observer

Import content modules for some courses

Person thinking about canvas or Google Classroom


Student enrollment requires action from students or done manually

Digital tools can only be linked

Families receive a summary of work in the course

Manually add course content

Learn more about features of Canvas and Google Classroom: Canvas v. Classroom Comparison

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