Why Wait: students making real change

Student-Driven Community Service Projects

The premise of WHY WAIT is simple; it provides students the opportunity to analyze and study a topic they are passionate about. These students then create projects that solve a problem related to their chosen topic, volunteering their time and effort, and coordinating with mentors to make a concrete change in the world!

These students are the very first group to take on the Why Wait project as a class. They are ready to take on the wicked problems of the world!

the 2020 Change-maker chats are here!

These were intended to be presented in person, so students had to improvise with the technology they have available at home, but their messages come straight from the heart. They are making change happen! Please go to our Why Wait? Facebook page, where we feature one project spotlight per day!

the 2019-2020 why wait class projects:

Each student has developed a website devoted to their project. Please visit to see what these students are developing and how you can support them in their efforts to make a change!

"why wait!" projects:

Why Wait Club 2018-2019

WHY WAIT Project Outcomes and Expectations: The Club

  • Spend time during Homeroom/WYN, or before school to work on it.
  • Work alone or collaborate with a small group.
  • Craft a project through brainstorming and an interest inventory to achieve some sort of goal, or solve a problem related to the topic.
  • Partner with a mentor/community member that is an “expert” in the field of study you choose.
  • Write a project proposal and pitch it to the rest of the group that includes a purpose, audience, timeline, and resources you will need to complete the project.
  • Reflect on the process on a personal blog.
  • Implement the research and project.
  • Present the project and reflect on the process in a five-minute TED-style talk we call Change-Maker Chats.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

― Margaret Mead

Why Wait Advisers:

Amanda Wicklund: wicklunda@osceolak12.org

Peg Medcraft: medcraftp@osceolak12.org