Payment Model Guidance

A newly revised flowchart has been developed in order to assist stakeholders in determining the most appropriate payment model for their study.

Once the study has been triaged and a commissioner assigned as an Integrated Care Board (ICBs) study the Sponsors and Chief Investigators are contacted directly by the CRNCC's ICB ETC Finance Team to discuss and agree the appropriate payment model.


The calculation of ICB ETCs are based on recruitment to a study and the Per Participant Value as determined by the approved SoECAT.

Recruitment at a site level X Per Participant Value = ETCs incurred pre Payment Model

There are options of 8 payment models which best attribute the costs to the most appropriate organisation, where the costs have been incurred.

All ETC payments for the partner organisation are subject to the relevant provider thresholds, as supplied by NHSE if applicable

A list of current CCG and/or ICB studies and the agreed payment model can be found. It will be updated regularly.

*Please click on the flowchart to access the downloadable PDF.


  • ETCs incurred - What activity, treatment or equipment are the ETCs associated with and how should the ETC per participant value be distributed to cover any costs?

  • The SoECAT is a cost attribution tool and is not intended to be used as a tool to derive true site level costs.

  • ETC payments are calculated quarterly in arrears based on recruitment. Sites may incur different exact costs so providers are asked to take a ‘swings and roundabouts’ approach across a portfolio of studies and not focus project by project.

ETCs through the National system can and will only be paid to English sites and organisations.

Whilst LCRN staff may wish to be included in conversations with the Sponsor/Chief Investigator about the payment model for a study, LCRN staff and AcoRD Specialists are not expected to know the different payment models and are asked not to advise, or influence the study design.

LCRNs are asked to forward any enquiries about the Flow Chart and decision tree or payment models to the ETC Helpdesk with contact details of the enquirer. The Helpdesk team will respond directly to the enquirer, copying the LCRN staff into the email.

As per the ICB ETC Payment Principles, please note section 3.2 which states "Any organisation/site intending to receive ICB ETC payments must sign a contract with their respective LCRN Host Organisation before any monies will be released." Once a payment model has been agreed, please ensure contracts have been signed to enable a smooth running of the ETC payments.