Middle School

Organization/Study Skills/Time Management Resources

Time Management Apps

Rescue Time- sends weekly reports letting you know what is stealing your time, allows you to block distractions, available IOS, Android and Desktop

Remember the Milk- This app will help you to manage your tasks easily and reminds you of them – wherever you are. You can share tasks and lists with others, making it a great tool for teams as well. Syncs all devices to the same task lists.

Focus Keeper- connected to the Pomodoro Technique, keeps you focused and manages your time in set work sessions and breaks

Focus Booster- another app connected to the Pomodoro Technique (20-30 minute focused work sessions with 5-10 minute breaks)

Toggl- Control your time and stay more focused- track your time on projects and tasks.

MLO (My Life Organized)- manage all your tasks, work with your to-do lists, and organize your goals.It automatically generates to-do lists with priority actions for your immediate attention so that you can track your progress methodically.

Forest- Forest is a unique reinvention of time management apps. This unique and fun app helps you stay focused and on-track. The concept is simple: whenever you want to focus, plant a virtual tree. If you stay focused, the tree will grow. If you lose focus, the tree will die.

Todoist- the ultimate digital to-do list and one of the best time management apps out there.

Coach.Me Habit Tracker- This app promises to help you develop better habits … for free. Track what you do, set new goals, and celebrate milestones as you hold yourself accountable for new ways of life

Organization Apps

My Study Life- My Study Life is an awesome app that works as a school planner. It allows you to keep track of all your assignments, class times, homework, etc! If you’ve overlooked an assignment, it will give you a reminder that it’s due soon, or that it’s past its due date

My Homework Student Planner- agenda planner, notification reminders

Egenda- homework planner

Study Skills &

Note Taking Apps

Evernote- capture all your ideas, thoughts, and images in many different ways (e.g., with voice, notes, or images). You can even record your meetings, interviews, speeches, and ideas, create lists, add voice or text attachments, and share your files with friends. You can also sync Remember The Milk with Evernote to better optimize your time.

Paper by WeTransfer- If you can do it on paper, you can do it on this app- note-taking, visual note-taking with pictures

Quizlet-Mobile Flashcards- create and share any set

Chegg Prep- No matter what you are studying, there is a set of flashcards for it on this app

Cram- another popular flashcard app

StudyBlue- goes beyond flashcards- upload your notes- it’s everything you need to study no matter where you go

KhanAcademy- videos lessons and practice problems for every course taught k-12

Brainly- When you are stuck on a problem, this app helps you find your answer