Middle School Advocacy Program

NHS-Middle School

Allowing students to advocate for themselves

How to advocate for yourself

If you tend to struggle in school, falling behind in a school subject, or not seeking for the help you need, then you should advocate for yourself!

  • Telling an adult

  • Telling your teacher

  • Attending your teachers office hours

  • Reaching out to High School peer leaders for tutoring

Are all great ways to start advocating for yourself!!

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School Tips-

If you are behind in a class or have a question, talk to your teacher about it. It may seem scary, or you might think that the teacher will be mad at you, but you will see that teachers want to work WITH you and are not only here to help, but are on your team

General School Tips

  • Schedule time to do things that relax you or that you enjoy, like spending time with friends, going outside, playing with a pet, or trying something new! You just might find a new hobby.

  • Feeling overwhelmed with work? Take a meaningful break – a timed break in your day in which you fully don’t think about anything stressful and in which you enjoy yourself. THEN go back to working.

  • Make a to-do list of your assignments. Then cross them off or check them off of the list as you complete them. You will build a “healthy addiction” by releasing some dopamine each time you complete an assignment. Then, you will enjoy the process of completing work!


How to advocate for yourself if you are being bullied:

  • Tell a trusted adult

  • Tell a friend

  • Stand up for yourself

  • Contact your guidance counselor

  • Get people involved in the area


If the issue is “I don’t want to tell anyone”

Tell someone you trust!! This could be a teacher, trusted friend, adult, or even classmates.

If the issue is “I already told someone but nothing has changed”

Don’t give up! Tell another person or try something different.

If the issue is “It’s only happening online”


If the issue is “I’m being bullied outside of school”

Try to remove yourself from the situation and REPORT it!!

What to do if you witness bullying-

  • Speak up, take action, support the victim

  • Engage the bystanders

  • Follow up with the student being bullied

  • Tell an adult nearby immediately

  • State what you witnessed for evidence when reporting


No Place for Hate

Safe 2 Say

What to remember:

The New-Hope Solebury Middle School is about P.R.I.D.E






Bullying is not cool, and experiencing or witnessing bullying occurring in middle school, should be reported. The New Hope-Solebury Middle School wants a safe environment for students and teachers. Our school represents P.R.I.D.E, which allows everyone to feel accepted and welcomed!!