New Hope-Solebury

Lower Elementary School Resources

~ Lower Elementary School Counselor ~

Mrs. Pamela Lang


~ School Social Worker ~

Mrs. Christyn Golden, MSW, LSW


~ School Psychologist ~

Dr. Jennifer Wind, Ph.D, NCSP


School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS)

LES SWPBIS Mission Statement: The New Hope-Solebury Lower Elementary School strives to teach and empower students to be successful socially, emotionally, and academically. The LES School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support plan is designed to promote and encourage students to make good choices in regard to their behavior in the areas of Respect, Responsibility, and Safety in order to be successful throughout their lives.

SWPBIS is a state and district-wide initiative that’s been proven to reduce problem behaviors and increase safety and a positive school environment. As one key component of SWPBIS program, we explicitly teach clearly defined rules to support safe, respectful, and responsible behavior in all settings of the school (classroom, hallways, cafeteria, etc.).

To reinforce the expectations, all of the children have an opportunity to earn Paw Points throughout the school year to redeem for rewards. When the child receives the PAW Point they are given behavior specific praise so that they understand which building rule was met (safety, respect, responsibility). For example, “thank you for being a good listener, that was very respectful”. Keep an eye out for a Paw Print sticker on your child, which would tell you that he/she was recognized for being safe, respectful, and/or responsible throughout the day. Should problem behaviors arise, they are dealt with constructively with natural and logical consequences and tied into which of the three building rules was not met. There is also an opportunity to review/reteach the behavior expectations with the child after a concern is addressed.

The LES SWPBIS Team meets regularly to use behavior data to improve areas of the school and provide additional support to children who need it. The ultimate goal of SWPBIS is to increase student academic performance, decrease problem behavior, increase safety, and establish positive school climates through research-based strategies and systems.

Safety Committee

Multi-Tiered System of Supports - MTSS

Pennsylvania’s Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a standards-aligned, comprehensive school improvement FRAMEWORK for enhancing academic, behavioral and social-emotional outcomes for ALL students. Cross-disciplinary teams represented at the district, school, grade and individual levels use a problem-solving process to integrate evidence-based academic, behavioral and social-emotional practices matched to student needs and with fidelity of implementation.

The Lower Elementary School's MTSS team meets on a weekly basis to review cases referred to MTSS by our teachers. Goals, progress and supports are documented and the determination for further supports is made based upon teacher feedback, review of current grades, review of supports put in place (effective vs. non-effective).

School Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP)

School day for students is 8:45 to 3:25

Late Arrival: student arrives between 8:46 – 9:30am

AM Absence: any student arriving after 9:31 am will be tagged as .5 day AM absence

Early Dismissal: student is signed out between 2:31 – 3:25 pm

PM Absence: any student signed out prior to 12:00 will be tagged as .5 day PM absence.

Students are expected to be in attendance on all of the days and hours that school is in session unless urgent reasons exist to justify their absences. Pennsylvania law mandates that every parent or guardian having control or charge of any child of school age shall comply with the requirements of compulsory attendance. The School Code of the Commonwealth of PA allows for students to be absent only for “urgent reasons.” Urgent reasons may include illness, doctor and dentist appointments (with note from doctor or dentist), and religious reasons. All other absences, including absences where an excuse note (signed by a legal guardian) is not submitted within three (3) days after return from an absence, will be considered unexcused.

PA Compulsory Attendance and Truancy Elimination Plan