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After School Online classes are offered four days a week. Online Community Education classes are open to students from any school in grades K-8, but this huddle is designed for students at the schools listed above. Explore live classes and videos and activities you can do anytime on your own or with your family.

After School Online Virtual Office Hours:

3:25pm - 5:50pm, Monday-Thursday

Click on the picture of our After School Virtual Office if you need assistance during this time.

Session 3 classes begin the week of January 19-21.

Click here to complete the registration form with a parent/guardian.

MPS Community Education Coordinators


Marija Nicholson &

Ana Vite-Melchor

612.991.9209 (call or text)

Green Central

Kimberlee White


Anwatin Middle School & Hall Elementary

Wendell Johnson



Megan Davis

612.888.4830 (call or text)


Iggy Showers

Lucy Laney

Nuuria Osman


Folwell Performing Arts & Jenny Lind

Alicia Robey &

Olivia Latimer


Northeast Middle School

Kayla Campanelli


After School Online Daily Schedule

  • 3:30-3:40 Student Hangout

  • 3:40-4:30 Elementary Classes (registration required)

  • 4:30-4:45 Student Hangout

  • 4:45-5:45 Middle School Classes (registration required)