Google Forms


How to create surveys and quizzes using Google forms (3 mins)

(Thanks to Martyn Crawshaw, Millburn Academy)

Multiple Choice_Feedback_Questions_15042020 (1).docx

Thanks to David Shand from Wick High, for this guide to setting up a Quiz using Google Forms!

Google Forms for Daily Check-Ins

We have created a few templates of Daily Check-ins which schools might choose to use to ensure that pupil welfare and support is readily available. Please fee free to use any of these forms below.

Please remember to 'Make a Copy' so that your own form is only used by you and your class! (Probably most useful for older pupils from P6 upwards) (lower-primary aged pupils)

Many thanks to @tavs_laurie (Inshes Primary) for another suggested way of taking 'registration' using Google Classroom and for the video below on using Google Form for the same purpose.