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kuCoin login- Put your trust in the most reliable crypto exchange

25% of the world's total crypto traders are currently using kuCoin exchange to trade and deal with cryptocurrencies. Now, the question is why this exchange gained a lot of fan base and why people are putting their trust in it. Well, we'll figure it out in the latter part of this article. But, before that, it is important that we know some more details about this exchange and what features and functionalities do users get when they get to use their KuCoin login accounts.

So, the sections below will highlight all the details that you must know in order to initiate your journey on this exchange. The advanced trading features available on this exchange along with some other great features are a few plus points that users get to use on this exchange.

Now, let us have a look at the advanced trading features available on this exchange along with the details on the KuCoin account creation as well as the KuCoin login procedure.

What makes users choose KuCoin exchange?

Well, there are always some features that attract users towards a platform and the same is the case with KuCoin exchange. This exchange comes with the following advantages and these are a few reasons why people are getting more and more interested in KuCoin:

  • If you want to trade with crypto on the go, then this is the best platform you can choose. This is because KuCoin is available to be used both through the app as well as the KuCoin website

  • The 24x7 customer assistance of KuCoin is there to help users when they find themselves in a tough situation

  • You can also join the KuCoin community and learn more about the experiences of other KuCoin users

  • In addition to this, the "KuCoin News" section helps users to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the crypto marketplace

  • The availability of more than 500 coins is something that is liked by users a lot

Some pros and cons of KuCoin

Before you set up your KuCoin login profile, you might want to know some upsides and downsides of this exchange. So, have a look at the section below and you will be able to decide if this is worth it or not:

Pros explained:

  • The KuCoin exchange comes with a relatively less fee

  • It has a strong user base which simply hints towards the fact that this is a reliable crypto exchange

  • If you have a good crypto holding, then you may be able to get interested in your holdings

  • Comes with advanced trading features that may not be found in other crypto exchanges

  • And, yes, it is also famous for its reliable customer service

Cons explained:

  • The KuCoin login exchange is not licensed in the US

  • You do not have diverse options to add a payment method

  • This exchange may not be suitable for all the new traders

  • You may not find as many educational sources as you could find on other exchanges

How to create an account on the KuCoin exchange?

Refer to the following section when you wish to create a new account on this exchange. Here is what you need to do:

  1. First of all, you need to open the https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signup URL from a browser

  2. Choose one of the options to begin signing up: Mobile or Email

  3. Complete the email or phone verification after feeding the relevant details

  4. After doing this, you can set a new KuCoin login password

  5. If you have been referred by someone and you have the referral code, feed it in the given field

  6. Read and agree to the "Terms of Use" of KuCoin

  7. Hit the "Sign Up" button and complete the remaining steps as prompted on your screen

Signing in to a KuCoin account

If you have recently created a KuCoin account and now you are looking for ways to log in to your account, then you can do the following to gain access to your account:

  1. Go to the KuCoin login webpage- https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signin

  2. Here, you will be provided with three login options- Email, Mobile, QR code

  3. If you choose one of the first two options, enter the relevant details in the given form

  4. Followed by the email/phone number, enter your account login password

  5. Next up, click on the "Log In" option to access your KuCoin account

Log in to KuCoin account with QR Code

If you are using the KuCoin mobile app and now you want to know how to log in with the help of the QR Code, then you can follow the instructions given below to do so:

  1. Begin by going to the KuCoin sign-in webpage

  2. Get ready with the KuCoin app on your smartphone

  3. Next up, you need to select the option to log in with QR Code

  4. This shall generate the QR code on your screen

  5. Now, open the KuCoin app on your mobile

  6. Open the scanner to scan the QR code

  7. And, you'll be logged in to your KuCoin account

Things to remember for uninterrupted KuCoin login

If you have created a KuCoin account and now you are having trouble while accessing your account, then you must keep the following things in mind:

  • The KuCoin app users should always use the updated version of KuCoin

  • Make sure to provide the complete and valid login credentials on the sign-in page

  • Always use compatible web browsers to access the KuCoin website

  • Keep on clearing the KuCoin app data from your device


This post comprises all the relevant data about KuCoin login and other details that you must be aware of if you wish to start your journey on this renowned crypto exchange. Just make sure that you keep the given points in mind to ensure a smoother journey. Otherwise, you may have trouble while accessing your account and trading on KuCoin.