Ordering from HC Press

Orders We Can Accept

Currently HC Press does not accept orders from individuals, only re-sellers. Individuals can find all of our titles for sale on Amazon.

Standard Bulk Discount

Standard discount for re-sellers is 30% on orders over 10.

Placing an Order

Did you know that HC Press is run entirely by faculty volunteers and students? Our production, printing, and shipping flows are scheduled around classes, meetings, conferences, campus breaks, etc. That's why we do not accept phone orders—there is rarely anyone in the office during regular business hours to answer the phone.

To place an order, please complete the order form. The director will contact you shortly to arrange payment and verify sales tax exemption. We cannot process sales tax exemption without appropriate documentation.

Buy-Back Policy

HC Press will buy back excess inventory (over 10) at 100% refund, within 3 months of sale, as long as inventory is still in new condition. The re-seller is responsible for return shipping.


Contact the director of HC Press, Dr. Patricia Oman, at hcpress@hastings.edu.