Digital Citizenship

When it comes to safety and education in the digital world, I typically find most of my resources from Common Sense Media. If you are not familiar with this webpage, it is a wealth of resource that spans most forms of media. You can find ratings for age appropriateness of movies, tv, and video games with breakdowns of each game and how other people rate them. You can also find activities to do with children, tips for online safety, educational resources around digital footprints, and much more! Some of my favorites of these resources when it comes to online safety and digital citizenship are below.

Basic internet safety is important as students interact in the virtual world. This video is designed for young students and has 5 essential reminders for being online and protecting your safety and privacy.

Digital Pledge

This pledge is designed to be an activity for whole class, but could definitely be something done at home with child to structure a conversation around online behavior as well as to make some pledges and promises about online activity.

Rings of Responsibility helps children understand that what they do online will have a ripple effect into their community and their world. It's a cute, very short video describing their impact.


Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls: Pretty much every device, gaming console, and internet service comes with some level of parental controls. Knowing how to access them, use them, or what each does can be quite overwhelming. This article breaks down parental controls on commonly used technology.

5 Myths & Truths About Kids' Internet Safety: This article breaks down some of the myths and truths that circulate about kids and internet safety.

Page Links

Privacy and Internet Safety: This page has frequently asked questions and answers, sorted by age groups, that parents typically ask around internet safety.

Most kids have accessed YouTube at some point during their internet travels, and there is some great content there for all ages. Of course, there is also A LOT of content that is inappropriate and unsettling for children. This video offers some tips on making YouTube a safer experience for kids.