Battle of the Books

GMS 2017-18

Consider joining the Battle of the Books! You’ll get to choose from a list of 20 great books and discuss the books over lunch with friends and a library supervisor during your lunch hour once a week. If you like, you can choose to take part in the final online state competition sponsored by WEMTA (Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association) during the week of February 24, 2018. You also may also visit the WEMTA site at: .

“The statewide Battle of the Books program is designed to promote a love of reading among our students. It encourages students to read a variety of books and remember information about the plots, characters, and settings of the books. Every question asked in a battle is answered by the title and author of the book and takes the form of: Name the book in which a horse and a boy are stranded on an island. It is a fun, academic-based competition that has been very successful in school districts throughout the state in encouraging students to read.”

When: Wednesdays during lunch hours, Nov. 15, 2017-Feb. 24, 2018

Where: GMS Library/Media Center

Advisors: Mrs. Robin Anderson, Instructional Library Media and Technology Specialist, with student and teacher support.

If you have any questions or concerns about the books, please contact Robin Anderson 414-281-3430.

Please have your parent print, sign and return a permission slip (hard copies also available in the GMS library) to bring to the first meeting if you plan on participating in the Battle of the Books Club.

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Greenfield Middle School Learning Commons

GMS Battle of the Books List for 2018-2019

More book details to come

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