The Heritage Humanities California Magnet Program

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Established in 1991, the Heritage Humanities California Magnet Program is the premier academic program offered at La Habra High School. Recognized as a CSBA Golden Bell program for outstanding academic excellence and innovative design, it is a rigorous, demanding, 4-year college-preparatory program for university-bound students. Focusing on the humanities (Social Science, English, World Languages, and the Visual and Performing Arts), the program utilizes an integrated curriculum to teach across various themes. Depending on learning style, preference, and goals, there are two pathways - Traditional and Honors/AP. Each pathway is designed to meet three outcomes: (1) successful completion of the University of California / California State University "A-G" Subject Requirements (click here for more info); (2) acceptance to post-high school institutions; and (3) thorough preparation for post-high school rigors.